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‘Best Practice’ | Enough with the nonsense

I’m not sure about you, but I hear these types of things a lot in my work with clients and vendors..

“Vendor design must follow best practice”


“Is this solution best practice?”

And it drive me nuts. Because if we were being really brutally honest, the answer is usually no. Best practice is not a boolean value. Its a moving target based on a combination of the things that are important to the business. Cost. Process. Performance. Manageability. Skillsets. I could go on. I tend to summarise them as ‘the real world’.Read More »

JB / The Daywalker

Ginger IT dude hanging out down in New Zealand, playing with technology since ages ago.

Currently Service Delivery Manager at Silicon Systems, formerly Skype for Business MVP, and generally into all things Microsoft (and a few things that aren’t).

When I’m not nerding out on technology, you can find me running ultramarathons, brewing beer, or in my woodshop building something.

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